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Mohammad Shaker Shoes Co.

Today we are a leading company in the field of leather shoes industry, through commercial presence has Mohammed Ghassan Shaker Company for Leather Industries develops work the leather industry to occupy a prestigious and privileged position among the companies working in this field, and over the years has become a favorite brand locally and our company has been characterized originality, quality and has gained customers in all markets’ confidence.
The company was founded in 1974 by Haji Abdul Fattah Shaker began producing women’s shoes cadres modest, in 1997 has been the production, however, Mohammed Ghassan Shaker development, in 2000, was produced Ahath Men and sandals made from natural leather, the 2007 production Ahath Men genuine leather direct injection, 2014 was produced Kndrh Men genuine leather direct injection, in 2002, we entered the African market.

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Adra industrial – Sudan – Jordan